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Are you ready for your Future 2.0? Find out what your interests and values are, what you consider prestigious, what motivates you and what your strengths are – everything you need to make your choice of high school the best one for you!

University orientation test

This is Prospera 2.0 – the test that will tell you everything you need to know about your career interests, values and motivation. You will get to know your decision-making strategies, your planning style, and more…

“I was pleasantly surprised by the test. Once you complete it, you get a detailed picture of you interests and personality. There is a lot of information, but it is nicely summarized and understandable, especially the graphs.”

-Alexander, 18

„This assessment is useful not only in identifying alternatives for the children’s future careers, but also for their own self-awareness, which is extremely valuable.”

-Mariyana Simeonova, career coach

“Prospera is a great method for choosing a career, and also for learning more about your own wishes, attitudes and abilities. There is a focus on your values and motivation. The results are well systematized along with charts and easy-to-understand visual graphs. Some important elements are considered, including learning abilities, decision-making strategies and career goals. Your strengths are described in detail, but there is also information about the aspects that you need to work on.”

-K., university applicant