About us

NEXTSTEP is a project created by Hestia Foundation. Our foundation supports children and young people in Bulgaria, by working with them and their families, as well as specialists and institutions, in order to discover and nurture the potential of each child. NEXTSTEP was born as a natural continuation of our work, as we wanted to ensure that each and every young person can grow into a self-aware and fulfilled adult.

Here you can…

…learn more about yourself

by completing self-assessment tests created especially for students and university applicants. The results will show you where you stand in relation to your peers and will help you make sense of all the information in your head, in order to make the best possible career choice and become the greatest You!

…find the answers

to your questions about life after high school. We will share personal experience and provide all the information you need for your career decision. We offer career coaching sessions by a certified career coach – take a look at our packages here. And if you have a specific question, message us and our career coach will answer it completely free of charge for you.

…get informed

by our articles full of advice, life hacks, everything and anything interesting and useful related to university application, life as a university students and starting work. We follow career trends and share the latest insights with you. Oh, and we are always open to new ideas, so do let us know what you would like to see!

Our career coach

Hi, my name is Martina. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brunel University, London, and I am an internationally-certified GCDF career coach. As NEXTSTEP’s consultant, I am here to help you find the answers to your questions and make the career choice that feels the best and most authentic to you.

My story

After graduating from First English Language School in Sofia, Bulgaria, I spent 5 years studying and working in London. I didn’t have a clear idea of what exactly I wanted to do with my life, however I did know that I would most likely end up working with people and supporting them in one way or another.

My work experience in London was colorful – I worked in charities, schools and kindergartens. I met people from all over the world – colleagues, friends and clients – and I was surprised to find out so many of them felt slightly out of place. The younger ones seemed clueless as to what road to take, and the older ones were hardly satisfied with their working situation.

Little by little, I started advising people around me and supporting them in making much-needed career choices. Before I knew it and without even realizing, I was fully taking on the role of a career coach! Soon afterwards I made a decision to start career coaching full-time, and to do it in the place that means most to me – home!


If you want to talk about what I can do for you, give me a call on +359 879 850 373.

Don’t feel like chatting on the phone? You can also contact me at info@nextstep.bg or our Facebook page.