Why plan your career

You probably know that work typically takes about a third of a person’s life. But have you ever realized how lucky you are to be able to choose your work freely? In fact, more freely than most people who ever lived. You have the opportunity to make this one third of your life truly satisfying and spend it in the best way possible.

All well and good, but having such freedom of choice can sometimes be quite hard. With so many options, how could you be sure that you will make the best choice? Well, you can’t. The truth is, you will never have 100% certainty in your decision. But hey, this is not the end of the world – you can always make a change later on! But think about it – if you plan your career development early on, and if you make a well-thought-through decision, there is a much bigger change of finding your own unique path from the very beginning.

Career planning stages

Getting to know yourself

In order to know exactly what you need to be happy at work, you need to consider not just your interests, but also your values, what drives and motivates you, how you make decisions, yours strengths and areas of development. In other word, self-awareness. This is the most underestimated part of the career planning process. And fair enough, it is not the easiest and it might feel tempting to just skip it, but honestly, a human that is happy at work is always self-aware too.

Gathering information

We are talking about all kinds of information from the outside (as opposed to coming from you). Facts, yes, but also other people’s personal experience in different career paths, along with the knowledge and skills necessary for those career paths. It is important that you collect this information once you have asked the right questions and got to know yourself. Then you can reflect everything you learn through your own perspective, rather than just blindly following other people.

Moving into action

This is the very heart of the career planning process – the ability to translate all the internal and external information you gathered into practical steps. When you know who you are and what you want, all that’s left is to find the shortest path to that. This can include skills for job hunting, presenting yourself effectively in your CV and cover letter, interview preparation, as well as having a thorough career action plan.

What career coaching can do for you

A career coach’s job is to guide you through the process of career planning. They won’t be telling you which career is best suited for you, but they will ask you the right questions and help you find the answers for yourself. Career coaching sessions are actually very flexible. They depend fully on your situation and what you want to take out of them. You can get support through the whole process (the three steps described earlier – getting to know yourself, gathering information and moving into action), or with a particular part of it. Sometimes career coaching is focused on very specific things – for example, getting ready for an upcoming job interview.

Career coaching session

50 BGN session
Free introductory session over the phone.
Career coaching session on a topic of your choice.
Online or in-person session.
Duration: 45-60 min.

Career choice package

100 BGN package
Free introductory session over the phone.
2 sessions online or in person.
Duration of each session: 45-60 min.