When it comes to your career interests, what kind of person are you? Are you more into the realistic professions, or are you the investigative type, or maybe the artistic? You might prefer something different altogether: the socially-oriented careers, or enterprising or conventional ones. Find out with this test!

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Each of us considers different things important in their work. Your salary, being very independent in your work, influencing others, innovation and creativity – these are only some of the work-related values people hold. Get to know your own values here!

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Do you want others to like and approve what you do for work? How important is prestige for you? And does it match your interests? Explore your beliefs and attitudes about prestige with this test.

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There are lots of things that determine how well you do in school – your planning skills, how motivated and engaged you are, your ability to focus when you study, your fear of exams. Learn more about your study strategies now!

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Confidence and optimism, ability to make plans for the future, maturity and emotional control – you have all these qualities. But how well-developed are they? This test will show you!

I am a student  / I am a university applicant